Sunday, August 16, 2015

You Got Served!

So... tonight we got served.

I walked in to the kitchen right after dinner to find the table spotless and everything put away.

There was a blue card in the middle that said...

"You got served."

Then I walked into our bedroom and found the bed made and looking all great with my sheet folded neatly and another blue note stating...

"You got served."

And then I heard them - they couldn't contain themselves.

They were so giddy with serving us.

I missed church today - but apparently they had a lesson on serving others and were sent home with these little cards and a mission to serve.

They were as pumped as can be about doing something like this...

And their smiles swallowing their whole faces showed it!

Giving with a joyful heart. We believe in it fully!

Way to go church! Thanks for re-enforcing a lesson we teach all the time around here - that giving and serving can be a super joyful thing to do.

Now... who's next in the "getting served" department?

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