Thursday, September 17, 2015


Last night, Mebbie - with a HUGE smile on her face - told me she had made mommy a note and hid it in her closet for mommy to find...

I had no idea what it was and honestly I had kinda forgotten about it today... until Laura found it and posted it on Facebook.

She was in tears from the beauty of it. The note said:

"Mommy - you work so hard for our family. You make me smile. I love you so much. You are nice. You are beautiful.

Love, Mebbie"
That's our Mebbie girl. All heart. All love for those in her family...

Mebbie - you have no idea what it means to daddy to see you love mommy the way you do.

Never stop being who He made you to be Mebbie - He made a champion out of you!

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