Saturday, September 12, 2015

Keep On Hustling

Mission trips aren't cheap - this we know.

But honestly - that's part of what we were wanting the goofballs to know - how to engage others and invite them along on the trip through support.

And while so many of you guys have generously given to this trip - this Thursday we had some pretty steep expenses that we had neglected to account for while we were fundraising (SHOTS!)

So Friday night - these guys got down to business!

Mommy was having a fundraiser yard sale on Saturday and these guys were gonna be pitching Ethiopian-iced cookies and lemonade!

Everything was set up and ready to go early on today!

including signs to get the conversation going about why we GO!

Finally - after a LONG 9 hour day - this tired gang was ready to shut it down..

And as usual - we were floored by humanity!

There was the 4th grader who willingly donated her OWN $20 bill to the cause...

And the lovely lady who came bearing her tithe for the month for us to have...

And then there were all those people who listened to our story and gave a little extra every time.

Big huge shout outs to everybody who donated items to sell, came to help set up and just flat out prayed for our success.


We owe you guys big time!

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