Sunday, September 27, 2015

Life of a Runner Brother

Meron had to represent solo for the Goofballs at the last race of the fall LandSharks Running Club season today since Mebbie was out sharing about Brighton.

And while we LOVE going to cheer her and Mebbie on - some of us may love it a bit more than others...

The life of a runner brother can be hard people...

"I mean... come on! THREE different race groups?"

"Oh wait... what's this down here?"

"Dirt you say? It IS dirt! And it needs to be played with.."

"Sigh. Dirt's as boring as this race..."

It was a BLAZING HOT day here and I begged Meron to pace herself out there...

Cuz she is a LOT like me - she sees a finish line - and it's SPRINT TIME BABY!

She was pretty proud of the season and looking forward to spring!

Daddy's already putting together the fall/winter workout plan!

Mebski Love was desperately missed - but I couldn't be any more proud of these two and their commitment to this.

Never stop running girls... and Z-Dogg - your time is coming!

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