Friday, September 25, 2015

Mini Mountain Maniacs

With Mommy and Mebbie away for the long weekend - it was up to me to fill a day for the other two goofballs.

We started off with an impromptu Jeep ride up a bumpy, dusty road at Mt Herman. They loved it...

But then - and I PROMISE this was not my idea - Meron says to me:

"Daddy - can we go up the incline today?"

And that is how we ended up at 5:00 PM down in Manitou like this:

Water carriers filled, snacks in hand, determination level HIGH with a goal of the bail out trail like their sister did.

And would ya believe these tenacious little buggers made it?

With just a LITTLE carrying of Z-Dogg when it got too steep for his little tiny legs to handle it... we made it to the bail out trail.

But we were losing light quicker than I liked to admit - so we scarfed some cheerios and craisins down quick and hit Barr Trail for the trek back down.

Meron has a real... and I mean REAL fear of mountain lions (wonder where she got that?!?!?) and it was starting to surface up on the way down.

I scooped up Zechie and we picked the pace up a bit...

One fall (no lingering pain) and several human "round the corner" scares later and we were down...

With the safety of the Jeep right beside them - they finally let their guard down and told me how much fun they had. Zechie even said:

"Daddy - I no scared of mountain lions. I beat up bad guys. I protect Meron from bad guys and mountain lions..."

Love it!

Guys - you have NO IDEA how proud I am of you both!

You took both physical challenges and mental ones too - stared 'em right in the face - and then beat 'em!

This night will not be soon forgotten!

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