Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Never To Be Forgotten

Last weekend - because of a free flight voucher and the incredible generosity of a fellow adoptive family who opened their home to us in Brooklyn - Meron and I were able to take a 4 day Daddy-Daughter trip to New York City.

We stayed in Brooklyn. We rode subways everywhere. We saw cool stuff. We talked. We walked. We smiled and laughed a lot.

I'm STILL tired from it but I am gonna go through the pics soon and ya know a blog post will follow.

On the plane home I asked her what was her favorite part.

She could have said the Yankees game, or seeing the Statue of Liberty, or riding a boat, or Times Square, or seeing Balto in Central Park, eating fun food, or riding subways...

But nope.

Instead... she said:

"Just being with you daddy... just spending time with you!"
And my heart exploded.

I'll never forget this trip and hope to have many more memory makers like this with all the goofball gang members.

Thankful for the opportunity...

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