Thursday, September 10, 2015

One Step Closer

This morning we got this goofball gang all loaded up in the van and headed out early as we prepared to move one step closer to our family mission trip in October...


First though - there was some measuring (hair not included)...

And some general health stuff...

to make sure everybody was up to making this trip.


They still had their goofy mode set to "ON" as we prepped for the first of several shots.

Earlier in the morning Laura had sent out some prayer requests for one of these guys in particular.

While none of the gang actually ENJOYS getting shots - Meron is borderline phobic when it comes to needles. She literally freaks out.

But we were gonna lean on prayer and just pray that she flew through this.

And while the fear was there and very real...

Our little trooper stared that fear in the face and came out on the other side with twos hots down and a new found strength in the face of a needle!

Huge thanks and shout outs to everybody who posted, messaged or texted to say they were praying for her and the rest of the crew.

She felt those prayers for sure!

Goofballs - we DID IT!

We're one step closer to getting on that plane... WAY TO GO GUYS!

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