Saturday, September 26, 2015

Separated Camp

Our camp is not used to rolling separately. To have me and Meron go to New York and then Laura and Mebbie head to North Carolina is kinda unheard of for us.

We roll tight as a unit when we roll.

So we've been missing our mommy and our Mebbie. Meron - in the midst of a decision of something today (can't remember what) - said to me:

"Man.... I miss Mebbie. She usually helps me with these decisions."

But if I gotta be apart from my two girls - at least I get to do it with these two certified goofballs.

They have been insanely awesome - and I have never known a helper like Meron has proven herself to be.

And they've kept me smiling!

We got this guys. 48 more hours til Camp Unification...

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