Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mission Trip Day 6 - Flexibility and Strength

"She's been throwing up since about 2:00 AM"

That's what Laura said to me as we all woke up and started to get ready for the day.

We were supposed to be picked up at 6:30 AM to meet up with our friends who were to drive us to Awassa - a solid 5 hour drive in a van.

But Meron was SICK.

I mean... like "drained of everything in her" kind of sick...

We tried Cipro. It went down... and came right back out about 2 minutes later.

Time to execute "mission trip flexibility."

I stayed back with Meron while Laura and the other two goofballs headed off to meet our friends and see if we could change the plans to the next day and pray that Meron was better.

While out - they got to sip on a little coffee!

Pretty sure they were both digging it!

Here's where the flexible beauty of Africa kicked in.

After several calls to our Hotel in Awassa - they shifted our stay a day later with no charges. YAY!

Our flexible generous friends who were driving us down there were totally cool with it - AND - they just happened to have a suppository that would help Meron sleep and kill the nausea she was struggling with.

I volunteered to stay home with Meron while the rest of the team headed back out to serve at Connected in Hope again.

Once that butt bullet (see also: suppository) was administered - Meron actually got the rest she needed. After throwing up 14 times - her little body was exhausted. And dehydrated.

She slept for close to 6 hours and I just sat and watched her.

And while we were both bummed to be missing out on serving and hugging kids and playing - I couldn't help but feel God saying "Tymm - that little girl laying right there in front of you? SHE is your number one mission field right now..."

And He is right. And All I wanted to do was make sure she got better.

I prayed over her a lot - so did Edil, the cook at the guest house - and go figure - when she woke up that afternoon she was feeling WAY better.

The team came back in late afternoon for a break and somebody convinced us to let her go back out for the rest of the evening.

So... as the team was handing out toothbrushes and toothpaste to the kids at Connected in Hope...

Look who was out there helping!

She was pumped to be back in the mix of things...

Cheering on some sack races...

which the kids absolutely LOVED!

And for me... I was just super excited to see this smile spread back across her face as she was loving every minute of loving every kid!

She even felt good enough to get in on one of the sack races!

And we caught a glimpse of the Ethiopian version of the Apple Watch!

Soon - it was time to tell these kids bye - which is always tough.

This was our last visit to the pre-school... so the goodbyes were extra tough.

Back at the guest house, Z-Dogg helped clean up like a champion!

While Mebbie matched her sister's energy level and played dress up with some Humpty Hump glasses!

The goofballs played pretty late into the night - and as I listened to them running around, dressing up, playing... I couldn't help but smile.

A day that had started out pretty funky had ended up being a great day of serving and defeating an enemy that wanted us to succumb to challenges being thrown at us.

Meron - you inspired your old daddy with your strength, passion, energy and persistence.

Proud to be serving with you girl!

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