Saturday, November 14, 2015

X Marks The Spot

I imagine that when pirates sat down to plot out the spot where they would leave their treasure - it was a long, thought out thing.

I doubt it was done on a whim with little consideration to the outcome.

No - instead I see them going to painstaking lengths to find the "just right" spot. And when they did - I can only assume that location became somewhat of a holy spot for them.

Because after all - the end all be all goal was for this treasure to be reclaimed.

It was left with love with every single intention of it being found again with love.

Our family has a couple holy spots too.

This is one of them that we visited while we were in Ethiopia.

It's holy because one of the most absolutely amazing treasures the Lord ever made was reclaimed here.

We paused for a moment to talk about that treasure and His plans for it while we were there.

We prayed over that location and specifically over the treasure it had held and had so lovingly relinquished to us.

That treasure... what it has meant to us. What it has done for our family. What it continues to do on a daily basis for the hearts of everyone that comes near it...

Well... I fail to find words that can properly explain it.

But I tell you this much... that redeemed treasure doesn't let a day pass without the glory of God shining BRIGHT through it.

So, so bright.

And those entrusted with this treasure... a day doesn't pass where they don't feel the weight of the glory of God that sits within that treasure or the honor and blessing bestowed upon them through it.

They sometimes struggle to balance the joy and pain that comes with it all... but they are beyond grateful to even have that task of balancing it and trust He will keep a finger on the scale to make it all balance out right...

My heart, my soul, my mind, my spirit...

I owe so much of my health in those areas to this treasure.

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