Sunday, December 20, 2015

Camp Hoffman Christmas Card 2015

A few years back we started struggling with the cost of sending out Christmas Cards. If we really sent a card to everybody we wanted to - it'd cost a fortune - and when we weighed that against things like formula and stuff... well, we just couldn't swallow it.

And honestly - we're just kinda super bad at those kind of timely postal things (ask ANYBODY in our family)...

So there will be no Camp Hoffman Christmas Card in the mail again this year... BUT WAIT - we got something better for ya!

We know adult coloring books are all the rage now - so we took it a step up and made ya an adult craft for the next time it's snowy and ya just wanna curl up in front of the fire with some hot chocolate, some glue and a pair of scissors.

It's the DIY Camp Hoffman Christmas Card!

So break out the scissors and Elmers - and you're about one minute away from receiving your very own Camp Hoffman Christmas Card!


To all those out there that we have received awesome cards from on time and all nicely done... WE SALUTE YOU - and we're jealous of your efficiency and timeliness!

Enjoy our much lazier version here!

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