Saturday, January 9, 2016

8 Years of Wondering

Dear Brighton ~

I think about you a lot on this day. I guess for obvious reasons - we think this is the day you got to stand healthy and strong in the presence of our Creator.

There's a piece of me that's jealous of that. A big piece.

But there's another piece of me - the piece of me that thinks about you all the time - that often wonders what our world would be like if God had decided for you to hang around a while with us.

Like today... just a simple old Saturday.

But one of my favorite kind of days.

Your brother and sisters started the day out playing in the snow - building forts, throwing snowballs at each other and eating snow.

I had to run to Lowes for some stuff... and I couldn't help but wonder if that empty booster seat in the back might have held you if you were here. Would you have been the kid who always wanted to tag along with me? Your oldest sister fills that role well. But I still wonder...

Meron had a birthday party to go to today and your mommy took her and stayed with her. The other two goofballs stayed with me.

We hit up Chick Fil A for lunch... again - my mind wonders about you. Would you be like your brother and devour the fries first or more like your sister Mebbie - who says "I am done with the fries daddy, I wanna save room for ice cream!"

Maybe you'd do both - fries and ice cream. I dunno. But I wonder...

Later - while Mebbie and Z-Dogg rested, I worked on a stage I am building for them downstairs. Your brother and sisters LOVE to perform.

I wonder what you would have been like... stage presence on full blast like Meron or more like your other sister Mebbie - content to play the background. Or maybe you and your brother would be on a hip-hop dance team together. Who knows? Not me. But I do still wonder...

Tonight - after dinner - we all hung out watching the Steelers play football. I wonder if you would be like your brother Z-Dogg. he ran around the room all night pretending to catch passes and roll out of tackles.

Or maybe you'd be more like Mebbie - who spent a good portion of the night practicing her touchdown dances. I hope you caught a glimpse of it Brighton... cuz it was FUNNY!

Or maybe you'd join Meron - who passed out asleep at the top of the 4th quarter. Or maybe you wouldn't even like American football. I dunno. But I do wonder about it...

After the game - your mommy and I moved three sleepy siblings of yours down to their beds. I prayed over them and kissed them all. And I thought about you... and I wondered how you would have been at bedtime.

Brighton - I dunno what God had in mind when He brought you home so early. I do know how much it has impacted me, your mom, your brother and sisters and countless other people on this planet who probably get tired of mommy and me screaming your name whenever we can. Your name and God's name. We scream 'em a lot.

No... I dunno what God was and is up to with you. But man, I sure do wonder...

We love you, Brighton.

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B----- said...

The NC contingent will NEVER tire of hearing Brighton's story. Most people don't make as much impact on the world in 76 years as he did in 76 days.