Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Day 2: Head Above the Water

Today was Day 2 of "Camp Minus Mommy" and I think we owned it!

I managed to get everybody out the door looking stoic, adorable and gangster... with very little drama (one tiny wardrobe change and conversation about modesty and forgiveness!)

Thank God for another set of awesome friends who said "Bring the crew over!" so i could do some work in the office for a bit...

Over there - they had a blast!

They joined a biker gang...

They played in the sand...

they held worms...

they buried their feet...

and they stood in water while smiling!

All in all - they had a BLAST and didn't wanna leave!

Thanks guys for being awesome friends and helping us out... it was HUGE!

Rest of the day is pictureless - so you'll just have to trust that we survived it!

There was swimming, playing catch, baths with hair conditioning, a Goodwill run, a slow meandering through Sports Authority and some popcorn, Raisinets and a cookie for dinner (DON'T YOU JUDGE!)

We all crashed pretty hard about 20 seconds after bedtime prayer and voxers to mommy - and we'll get up and do it again tomorrow!

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