Thursday, June 2, 2016

Day 3: Head In The Clouds

We woke up today and mommy was still in Ethiopia...

So we got some Subway...

A nice blanket in the grass...

and just a LITTLE BIT of crazy...

And we all looked up to enjoy the flyover show at Compassion!

This is the third time we've got to watch the fly over during the Air Force Academy graduation and each time is equally impressive!

It brings out the little kid who wants to be a fighter pilot in all of us!

Truth be told... I think I may have been the most excited!

Rest of the day involved work, kids resting and two hours of swimming in the evening that wiped us ALL out.

We're maintaining... we miss mommy fiercely - but we're maintaining!

P.S. a Thunderbird crashed not far from our house right after this show at the ceremony! Pilot was okay after ejecting... NUTS!

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