Thursday, August 4, 2016

New Princess Hats

When Meron was super young and we realized she needed to rock a night cap to keep her hair in gorgeous shape - we named those caps "Princess Hats" and she LOVED it...

And the name has stuck since then...

Today both princesses got to go pick out new hats cuz theirs were looking tore up from the floor up...

And I love their new jiffy pop hair hats - a.k.a. - Princess Hats!

Great choices girls!

And let's just be honest here for a second - they look absolutely adorable in them - don't they?

My prayer is they'll be calling them "Princess Hats" forever... like Meron will be 35 years old, walking in to Sally's talking 'bout "Excuse me - could you point me to your princess hats?"

Looking good girly girls... LOOKING GOOD!

Princess hats for life!

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