Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Really Fun Day

After roughly 29 hours of traveling - I was back home Saturday evening with my crew...

Happy - but running on EMPTY.

But Laura had a plan for Sunday:

"Let's load up and go to this trail I heard about and hike it and pray and help the kids with their memory verses..."
Man - she only had to ask that ONCE.

So we were off...

The trail was a 5 mile hike... a little .7 mile access trail down to a 3.75 mile loop.

and it was AWESOME!

Laura had us covered with her All Trails app letting us know we weren't wandering off in to the Rocky Mountain wilderness!

And man - what a gorgeous hike it was...

I felt like I was wandering around in a postcard most of the time...

And spending time with these guys... I could literally feel my battery getting recharged.

And they were SUPER TROOPERS!

Hardly ever stopped and never complained!

At one point - Z-Dogg and I had gotten a little distanced behind the girls and I felt a little weight on my shorts...

Zechie had done what we taught them since they could walk - if they needed to feel safe and we needed to know where they were - grab my shorts pocket so I could literally feel your presence.

and he did...

We both felt safer!

We finally caught back up with the crew and all was good!

There were so many photo ops out there too - truthfully - with our goofballs - everything turns into a photo op!

But suddenly - we realized we were about .2 miles from the end... and some crazy lady started picking up the pace!

And her minions followed suit!

We hit the parking lot - 5 miles behind us - as some tired, worn out hikers!

What a day though - with my absolute favorite people on the planet in God's stunning forest...

While we were loading up the car, pulling out some snacks and water - Meron looked at me and said:

"That was a really fun day!"

Yep Meron... it sure was!

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