Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Because Kids Matter To God

I absolutely love that one of the tag lines I found for Awana is "Because Kids Matter To God."

Yes, they do!

And our crew is in the second week of this ministry that will run through summer and start giving these guys a foundation for life (and eternity) that is built on ROCK not sand...

And they are loving it and eating it up!

So much verse memorization going on - we're hearing verses getting dropped left and right around the house!

And even little Z-Dogg...

Rocking his Awana's Cubbies vest looking like a Wal-Mart greeter!

But he loves it!

"I believe in Jesus!" he proudly declared on the way home tonight.

Amen little brother man... AMEN!

This crew right here couldn't possibly make a dad any more proud...

Thank you Lord - for the privilege and blessing of being Daddy to this amazing crew of goofy love...

Keep chasing Him guys!

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