Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Zechie Day 2016 - 3 Years!

Today was a big day for Z-Dogg at Camp Hoffman...

Cuz today is Zechie Day!

What on earth is "Zechie Day," ya ask?

It's the day that Z-Dogg landed back in the USA and our family was all back together.

And we celebrate those days HARD!

When it's your family day - you get to choose where we go eat - and Z-Dogg said "I wanna go to Mexico!"

Taking that to mean he wanted some good Mexican food - that's right where we went!

When we went to pay before leaving - the waiter handed back our card and said:

"You won't be needing that - I hear we're celebrating somebody being home for three years! Have a great evening!"
Come to find out an incredibly kind family picked up our tab...

Totally humbled by that incredible gesture. You guys know who you are... "Thank You" seems so tiny... but THANK YOU!

Z-Dogg was stoked and proud to show us how long he's been home!

And what an incredible three years it has been!

This little dude with the big hair complimented the dynamic duo so well!

And man - he keeps mommy company all day long (folks - start praying for her now - when he goes to school next year - she'll be LOST!)

And for me... he was EXACTLY what I needed!

A little man support in this sorority house I live in!

We always end the day watching their respective homecoming videos - and there is usually a tear or two flowing!

Tonight was no different... if you missed it when Z-Dogg came home - check out the video below (and note how much he has changed!)...

Zechie - you are a true gift from God. A tiny little package with an enormous personality. You were made for this crew and this crew was made for you... we love you buddy... with all our hearts!

Happy Zechie Day, Z-Dogg!!

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