Monday, October 24, 2016

Bread of Life

In the history of our blog - something nutty like THOUSANDS of posts - Laura has only posted once or twice I think. She's a much better writer than me though and should do it more often... and today she wrote something online that I am commandeering and posting here - violating our rule of "always have the kids" on a post cuz it's so worth it...

See... lately - satan has been working overtime to make us feel stupid, lame, inefficient, unworthy and wasteful.

He's been whispering untruths in our ears every time we turn around - using people, places and things to try and derail us.

The good thing is that every single night for as long as I can remember - I have prayed for "wisdom and discernment" and I feel like He has given us that to see these attacks for what they are...

Here is what Laura posted:

I received this picture today from, Nebiat, our director at Brighton Academy. Communication is limited out of Ethiopia so I was excited to get lots of pics today and to talk to him on the phone.

But today this picture is exactly what I needed. It is a reminder for me that - even when feeling under attack in so many areas of my life - Jesus is the bread of life. HE is the ONLY one that can sustain me.

I will never feel full on anything earthly but His bread satisfies me like no other.

So while our students eat this amazing bread today and fill their tummies, my soul is also filled by the bread of the one who loves me beyond measure.

So much truth and wisdom written by my favorite person ever...

Get behind us satan - look at the Loaf that our bread comes from!

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