Sunday, October 30, 2016

Celebrating Amigo!

We had the privielege of being invited to our first real deal doggie birthday party today!

See these two here - that's Amigo on the left and Meron on the right - they share the same birthday - and today we got to go help celebrate Amigo turning 15 years old!

Excuse the blur - but you should try capturing these two furry friends in a picture... TOUGH!

That's right - 15 YEARS OLD!

And still looking like a puppy!

Amigo's mom even made him some delicious looking "pupcakes!"

And he was pretty darn stoked about it!

She even sent two pupcakes home to our two pups...

Who weren't real happy when they heard we were out celebrating a Golden birthday!

They waited patiently - and I think the pupcakes made up for the fact that we left 'em at home!

Amigo - we loved spending time with you tonight and are so happy you had us over to celebrate with you!

Stay awesome Amigo... STAY AWESOME!

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