Sunday, October 9, 2016

Chicken Beak Hoffman

One of the goofball crew has never gotten a Build-A-Bear bear.

So today - after our "Let's explore Denver" plans got delayed due to a home Broncos game (we lived in Atlanta for years and collectively cannot STAND traffic) - we decided to wander around the mall and we ended up in Build-A-Bear...

This guy's sweet sisters offered to pay from him to make a bear - which warmed my heart so much I said "I'll cover it!"

He was so giddy from excitement he started acting a bit weird!

And then - living up to the title of "Goofball #3" - he decided to name his new bear this:

Chicken Beak

Tha's right - that's Chicken Beak right there - in a full on bear hug from Z-Dogg!

And right now he is snuggled up tight with him asleep.

I'm a self-proclaimed stuffed animal junkie - so I am loving that he loves this dude so much!

Welcome to the family, Chicken Beak!

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