Monday, October 10, 2016

Glimpse of the Future

Every now and then - I walk by and catch a glimpse of what the near future is bringing us.

I see Meron looking far too grown up and far too beautiful.

And I wanna freeze time right now.

And not a second later...

This girl has taught me so much about loving, living, leading, smiling and chasing God.

She's easily one of the most precious human beings I have ever met.

Oh - hear me - she has her faults and struggles.

Bu the beautiful thing is... she KNOWS them - and we work on 'em together.

And she's helped me with a lot of my own as well.

She's come a long, long way since this day in a rough and tough orphanage.

And as much as I wanna freeze time - I simply can't wait to see where she goes, what she does and how she glorifies Him.

I couldn't be any more honored, proud and totally blessed to be her daddy.

Daddy loves you, Meron Asher... don't ever forget it!!

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