Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloweenies 2016

"Daddy - put some make-up on your face and be Duck Dynasty!"

it was a simple request... and for these goofballs...

I'd do it in a heartbeat!

So we got our gear on and headed out!

Mommy claims she dressed up as a YMCA Class instructor - but let's be honest... she just never changed today after her class!

The pumpkins were all carved and glowing out front (can ya guess which one is Z-Dogg's?)

So we all got in to our characters - and hit the streets!

The booty was bountiful tonight - that's for sure!

Not the best thing to have laying around post Whole30 - so we'll find a home for that soon...

So... we all had a few treats - but most of all - we had a BLAST hanging as a family, seeing our neighbors and enjoying an unseasonably warm night walking around the 'hood!

We hope you dd too!

Happy Halloween!

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