Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mile High Exploring

Because we live right down the street from it and have never explored it - the goofballs and I decided to go down in elevation a bit and spend the last day of fall breaking getting to know Denver a little bit!

We had a blast!

It was Mebbie's first "big city" experience and she was in awe of the tall buildings!

And Z-Dogg was loving it too!

It was a simple visit really... kinda lazy wandering around the 16th Street Mall...

We visited the Money Museum... and stood in awe of the $30,000,000 sitting behind glass on one of the walls!

We even spent a ton of time in a MASSIVE candy store... sort of drooling and window shopping cuz - who needs all that sugar!

We ended the day with lunch at Mellow Mushroom (havent been there since Atlanta) and then drove back home!

On the way home we all agreed - it was one of the most fun days we've had together in a while...

Only thing missing was Mommy - and she would have loved it!

Not to worry though, cuz...

We'll be back Denver!

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