Thursday, October 27, 2016

Social For Good

Social media.

Everybody has a different take on it.

Some use it well. Some maybe shouldn't be using it...

And lately we've been on the receiving end of some weirdness around our social media usage.

But we embrace it. And it's been good to us.

One of the cooler things social media has done for us in the last year was reunite us with this dude!

Bobby and I grew up together - played baseball together when we were Z-Dogg's height - and then parted ways when I moved away from western PA.

Bobby went on to have a fascinating career as a secret service agent (I am a total fanboy) - and 25+ years later - he tracked me down on social media - and tonight he got to come to the crib and meet the goofballs and have dinner with us!

Social media for the win!

Bobby - we had a great time tonight -thanks for coming and thanks for your generous, big heart...

We're coming to meet your crew soon!

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