Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Dyslexics, Represent, Represent...

What seems like forever ago - I was a member of a hip hop group back in Atlanta.

We recorded a few studio albums and a slew of other tracks, did a mini-south-east tour, shot some videos - and it was a blast!

I still miss it to this day and hope we reunite for a tune one day... if Eric B. and Rakim can get back together... I'm holding out hope!

But Meron helps me never forget it!

At least several times a week - she chooses to raid my closet and sleep in my shirts - and she almost ALWAYS picks this shirt from our second album - "Sophomore Slump."

She always smiles and says - "Daddy - I'm wearing your band shirt!"

And I smile too.

I have super fond memories of the time spent writing, recording, playing out, shooting videos and being all around nutty.

Who rocks the best? Ya know it's the Lex!"

We ain't done yet... we ain't done.

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