Friday, October 14, 2016


Tonight was Meron's final game of her volleyball season at the Y...

And I didn't even realize going in to it that they had been holding an undefeated record all season!

She has really taken to the sport - takes her ball to school to practice at recess...

Is always hustling... and more importantly - always SMILING!

She's found a way to be competitive and joyful in this game - and I love it!

And with school over for me - it was a real privilege to be able to be at every game now!

Watching her sportsmanship come to life and her passion for this game has me wanting to learn all about bumping, setting and spiking!

Meron - daddy is super proud of you girl for your hustle, your heart and the way you play the game!

Can't wait til next season!

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