Sunday, October 2, 2016

Warriors, Come Out and Play!

The mountains were calling this ragtag group of warriors this morning - and they had to respond!

I mean - with views like this...

And this...

How could they not go?!

Led by their fearless Mommy Warrior... this group is a force to be reckoned with!

Maniacal Meron will get you with her zeal for life...

Steely-Eyed Mebbie will leave you wondering why you ever messed with them...

And Almost-Laughing Z-Dogg will leave you confused about the earnestness of the situation!

And when they form like Voltron and activate...

Watch Out!

But then - they took a walk down this gorgeous road and let their guards down...

And they stumbled upon a real live Sasquatch... in the flesh!

So much for "warriors" as they all followed Mommy Warrior's lead and hightailed it outta there!


guys - tha's not a real Sasquatch... that was me in a hat and sunglasses... I know, I know... it looks super real, I get it.

This famly is my favorite group of peeps to be with and I had a blast hanging with them in the mountains today!

Let's do it again soon, Warriors!

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