Wednesday, November 30, 2016

First 100

We headed back up to the new Chick Fil A tonight for one more celebration before the big grand opening...

It was to check out those crazy "FIRST 100" folks!

These are the guys who get in line for the doors grand opening WAY EARLY - and the first 100 in get Chick Fil A for year!


Meron was kinda stunned by it all... "Wait... they sleep here?"

Yep - and it was gonna be SUPER cold too!

Didn't stop these guys!

And Chick Fil A makes it super fun too - giving them treats, drinks - they even hired a DJ for a while who set up and just threw a big ole dance party!

At one point Meron even got in on a lip sync contest and sang one of her favorite songs out there!

We even got to meet Dan Cathy - CEO of Chick Fil A - and share a wee bit about Brighton Their World and what we're trying to do in this world.

He was super kind to us and the kids and totally just a down to earth normal kind of guy.

Thanks so much Trace and Akayla for inviting us in to your incredibly special day.

If you're local - head up there tomorrow for the GRAND OPENING - and bring some powdered formula or diapers if ya wanna help us fill some bellies and cover some booties! We'll be there on and off throughout the day!


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thankful: Z-DOGG

Well - we can't talk about being thankful without talking about my main man Z-Dogg!

This little dude came along and was my saving grace when I was living solo in a sorority house!

His laugh, his smile, his deep, deep love for his entire family...

All things I LOVE and am so thankful for!

Zechie - there's a reason God is God... He knows what He's doing when He's doing it - and bringing you into our lives is one of those things!

Z-Dogg... daddy is beyond thankful for who you are!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Premiere Night

What an incredible honor we had tonight to be part of the "Premiere Night" for the newest Chick Fil A opening up in Colorado Springs (North Gate Chick Fil A)!

We got to hang out in the store before it's even opened up to the public yet...

Go on some super fun "backstage tours" to see how it all works...

and chow down on all kinds of free food courtesy of our friends Trace and Akayla - the operators of the new store!

Then - they even gave us a microphone and let us share a little bit about the story God has been writing through Brighton's short but HUGE life...

These guys are so awesome - they are letting us be part of this amazing time of their lives by collecting formula and diapers for Brighton Their World on their grand opening day this coming Thursday!

And then - they asked us to say the blessing over the store and the meal for the night - and we LOVE to pray for things like this - so we Camp Hoffman tag teamed it up and prayed for their ministry to be wildly successful and bring a ton of glory to Him!


We even made the grand opening wall...

And got to hang out with some incredibly awesome people that have shown so much love and support to our family and Brighton Their World!

Guys... we are so grateful for your love and s humbled to be chosen to be part of such an incredible event and tie in your life!

If you're in Colorado Springs - come on out Thursday and say "hi" while chowing on some chicken!

Or if you're REALLY crazy - go stand in that line Wednesday night to be one of the first 100 and take a shot at free Chick Fil A for a year!

See ya Thursday!

It just takes a little - to change a lot!

Sunday, November 27, 2016


I can't stop now! While we're on the topic of thankfulness I absolutely have to weigh in on this amazing gift from God known as Mebrate Saidah!

I dunno why but I got a butt load of nicknames for this girl!

Mebbie Debbie.

Mebski Love.

Mebbie Doodle Doo.

May-braw-tay! (said all drug out and funny)...

But no matter what I call her - my thankfulness for her remains the same!

This little girl has taught me so much about true joy, true love and living authentically.

She is our resident deep thinker and equally deep lover.

She hasn't met a human she hasn't loved or tried to love - even when they were bullying her at school (she holds no ill will towards them!)...

She is inquisitive - always seeking to understand and learn more.

And she is INCREDIBLY creative and talented in that space.

Mebbie Debbie Doodle Doo - God knew EXACTLY what He was doing when He made you - and the fact that I get to be your daddy is a joy beyond measure!

Mebski Love... I am super duper thankful for you!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thankful: MERON

So let's keep this thankfulness train going for a second as I talk about Meron...

Our God knows what His children need when they need it.

Meron was a prescription for a heart that was broken and I am not sure I can find words to fully describe the gratitude I have for her.

For God breathing life into her.

For Him placing her in m life and allowing me the privilege of being this amazing girl's daddy.

Words cannot capture the thankfulness that I have for this beautiful creation of His.

I am thankful for this girl's spirit.

Her sense of humor.

Her ability to love and shine in almost all situations.

Her confidence and leadership skills.

Her pride in who she is and where God has her.

Her undying love for her family.

Her heart to chase after her Lord and to tell the world about Him.

I could go on and on and never stop because each new day is filled with more reasons I am thankful for this girl.

Meron Asher - you are a princess in the holy kingdom - a daughter of a heavenly Father - and I am so blessed to be your daddy and to get to walk close to you in life as the Lord shapes you for His purposes.

Don't you ever forget this baby girl... I am super duper thankful for you!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Thankful: LAURA

While we're on the topic of thankfulness...

Holy moly - did I marry as far up as humanly possible or what?

I mean - we're not just talking out of my league - we're talking completely different sports here!

I do not deserve to call this incredible, gorgeous, intelligent, loving, caring and joyful hottie my "wife" but somehow I do...

Grateful every single day, people...


I am so incredibly thankful for this girl in my life.

She prayed relentlessly for me - for me to get to know the Lord - and man it worked.

Her prayers carry power.

She loves me so well.

She cherishes our goofballs.

Her heart is as raw as mine for our son, Brighton.

She knows her purpose in life and chases it with PASSION!

She loves to laugh, smile and have a blast in life.

She's authentic, real, and trusts like nobody I have ever met...

I could go on and on and on and on...

Know this Laura...

Every single day I thank God that He made you and saw it fit to use you to bring me to Him.

In that process - He gave me a very best friend that I cannot even imagine life without.

Laura... I am super duper thankful for you!

Thursday, November 24, 2016


The camera was on a tripod and I hit the remote shutter button while we were praying before our Thanksgiving meal this afternoon...

Corny? Wrong? Cheesey?


But here's the deal... this represents one of the things I am most thankful for this year.

As we ate - we went around the circle and everybody shared things they were grateful for.

"Family" was the first word out of everybody's mouth.

But I added to that how thankful I am that my crew is quick to rally together when we need it - and even quicker to bow our heads and pray together as a family...

Over most everything.

For us... for others... for everything and everybody.

And it's never for show - it's something we've come to believe fully in and are so thankful that He gave us this way to connect with Him.

When I sit back and look at where I am in life... I am so humbled by what He has given us.

I don't deserve this life, this love, this amazing family, this feeling of security from a Father like I've never before known.

But I am so thankful for it all.

From our family to yours...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Shut the Front Gate... Mebbie Just Turned Eight!

Holy guacamole.

This girl turned EIGHT YEARS OLD TODAY!

I can't find the right words to express how much joy it has brought me to watch her blossom into who God made her to be over the last 5 years!

Being her daddy is one of my biggest joys and privileges in life!

After a week spent celebrating her life - with movies and dinner parties with friends - today was left to her family to celebrate this beautiful creation of God's!

So tonight - later than usual - we headed to Red Robin for her dinner of choice for her birthday!

I got to sit right beside the birthday girl so that makes me semi-okay with having to miss being in this pic!

After a LONG day of working out with Mommy in a kick-boxing class, swimming for a few hours indoors and then heading out late for dinner - this crew was SPENT!

Mebbie tried to play like she wasn't...

But Z-Dogg didn't even attempt to!

Mebbie Doodle... Mebski Love... Mebbie Debbie... Mebrate...

You are an amazing child of the most amazing God, a princess in His holy kingdom - and don't you ever forget it!

You were built to impact the world - and you have already done that in so many ways - starting right here with your daddy!

Celebrating YOU was truly the best part of my day!

I love you BIG MUCH girl!

Happy Birthday Mebbie!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My Pleasure!

in what felt like a dream come true for these three goofballs - they recently got a "behind the scenes" tour of a soon to be opening Chick-fil-a!

There were already talks about "getting a job here!" and they even put in a little practice at the drive through window!

These guys were pumped!

They even got to try on the drive-thru headphones and give 'em a whirl!

Why did we get to do this ya may be wondering?

Well check this out...

The awesome operators of this new store reached out to us recently to explain that when Chick-fil-a opens a new store - they like to bless a ministry - and they wanted to partner with Brighton Their World!


So next Wednesday - from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm - the new store will be taking donations of powdered formula and diapers on their grand opening day!

Our crew will be hanging out around dinner time - so come on by and say "HI" if you're nearby!

So humbled by the generous hearts of these guys and we are so looking forward to being part of their grand opening (and let's be honest - this place will probably become an extension of home!)

My pleasure!

Monday, November 21, 2016

I Hope...

I love these three little humans on this page SOOOO MUCH.

I hope one day... when I am long gone...

That these guys cruise back through the blog - either online or in a book form - and can pick up on what i was trying so hard to do...

Pour out the love of a Father on them.

I pray they felt it.

I pray they saw how I tried to celebrate 'em.

Love 'em.

Respect 'em.

And I pray that they look back on this stuff with fond memories.

With smiles.

With warm hearts.

That's some of the stuff I hope for...

For my heartbeats.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Pack It Up, Pack It In...

We absolutely love the ministry of "Operation Christmas Child."

We believe in the power of a gift to a child somewhere in this world and believe God can use that in mighty ways!

Historically - we have done this with Granny - she's a superstar at it and we love serving beside her!

This year we were Granny-less... and it showed as we pushed it right up until the final day of getting them done!

But DONE they are now - with lots of love and lots of prayer!

Proud of this crew who is annually dedicated to this great ministry!

OUR PRAYER: Lord - use these simple boxes to bring those out there closer to you!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

National Adoption Day

So - November is "National Adoption Month" and today is apparently "National Adoption Day."

I don't even know if that is true or not - but ya know what...

I don't even care!!

Adoption has made such a deep and profound impact on my whole entire being - I don't need to set aside a day to celebrate it!

We celebrate it every day - openly - with our crew - with others walking through it and with those seeking more info on it.

I sat the goofballs down recently and asked them what they're thoughts on adoption were... see we're super open about it with them and we celebrate it and talk honestly about how hard it is.

So I was anxious to hear their own thoughts on it.

They didn't disappoint...

Check out their thoughts in the video below...

Got questions about adoption? HOLLER AT US!

We love to talk about it, pray about it and walk with folks who may be considering it...

My life was forever changed by it, for sure... and I am torn over it daily.

I hate that it even has to exist - because God's plan didn't call for this...

But it is certainly a beautiful and redeeming solution ot a problem born of a fallen, broken world.

Adoption... it changed the game as we know it.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Go Tell It On The Mountain...

This girl right here... tell ya what - she continues to encourage and inspire me on the daily!

I checked the mail tonight and there was this postcard in there from the church to Meron.

This is what the card said:

Dear Meron ~

Thank you for sharing your story about your school in Ethiopia. I am so happy your fundraising was successful.

Hope you have a great week.
I asked Meron what this was all about and she said:

"Oh - that's from prayer requests at church last week - mine was a praise for us raising all the money for the school..."

She said it all nonchalantly like that too - like "No big deal daddy..."

I absolutely adore this girl's faith, strength and willingness to share and put it out there.

She ain't skerred!

Daddy is super proud of you girl!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Missing My Goofball Crew...

Time in Atlanta reconnecting, sharing, planning new things was AWESOME!

But 6 days away from these guys is about 6 days too long!

Daddy's almost home guys...

Get the hugs ready!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ya Better Not Pout I'm Telling You Why...

Get ready... cuz...

He's Coming!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Cray Cray

Yep. He is. All day...

Stay Crazy, Z-Dogg!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Even Still...

Even when slightly blurry and poorly composed...

She's still one of my favorite things to smile about!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Thank You For Your Service!

We've been taking with the goofballs about gratitude and how we show it and a few days ago we had the idea of baking some cookies and taking them to our nearby police station to say "Thanks for all you do!"

The kids loved it and it went a long way in building their respect for the people who sacrifice daily to help keep us safe!

Way to show love guys!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Who Me?

Yeah - we're looking at you Z-Dogg!

Stay crazy, silly man!