Thursday, November 3, 2016

Citizens of the Quarter

"Daddy - do you have any real important meetings you can't miss tomorrow?"

She asked me this the night before - right before bed time - and I knew why.

The next day was an awards assembly at their school and they were both supposedly getting an award.

Girl - know this - daddy NEVER has a meeting that is more important than supporting my crew.

Believe that!

Man... I absolutely love watching these girls thrive at school - wouldn't miss it for anything!

Mebbie won a "Citizen of the Quarter" award for the first part of the school year - and here's what her awesome teacher shared about her:

Mebbie is an amazing young lady who is ALWAYS exemplifying what it means to be a **** stallion.

She is always kind and considerate to others. She always puts others needs before her own. Thank you for being a light to others around you. Thank you for showing kindness to everyone.

Thank you for being you Mebbie!
Every morning I tell the girls to "go shine a bright light for Him..."

To hear her teacher call her a "light to others" was amazing to me...

And then there was Meron...

She made GOLD HONOR ROLL and she also was chosen as a "Citizen of the Quarter" as well! And here is what her teacher wrote about Meron:
Meron is an amazing leader and example in our classroom and as a third grade student.

Meron can almost always be seen demonstrating best behavior throughout the school.

Not only does Meron show a mature level of responsibility, she is also always willing to help a friend and the class.

I often think of Meron as my second in command and right hand. She could probably run the class!
Seriously... I am one proud daddy right now!

Girls - the honor roll and the academic stuff is amazing and important...

But to be chosen as "Citizens of the Quarter" because of your character, your love, your friendship, your maturity and responsibility... well that is what really matters!

Your daddy is SO PROUD of the two of you right now!

Never stop shining girls - you are honoring Him so well!

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