Wednesday, November 30, 2016

First 100

We headed back up to the new Chick Fil A tonight for one more celebration before the big grand opening...

It was to check out those crazy "FIRST 100" folks!

These are the guys who get in line for the doors grand opening WAY EARLY - and the first 100 in get Chick Fil A for year!


Meron was kinda stunned by it all... "Wait... they sleep here?"

Yep - and it was gonna be SUPER cold too!

Didn't stop these guys!

And Chick Fil A makes it super fun too - giving them treats, drinks - they even hired a DJ for a while who set up and just threw a big ole dance party!

At one point Meron even got in on a lip sync contest and sang one of her favorite songs out there!

We even got to meet Dan Cathy - CEO of Chick Fil A - and share a wee bit about Brighton Their World and what we're trying to do in this world.

He was super kind to us and the kids and totally just a down to earth normal kind of guy.

Thanks so much Trace and Akayla for inviting us in to your incredibly special day.

If you're local - head up there tomorrow for the GRAND OPENING - and bring some powdered formula or diapers if ya wanna help us fill some bellies and cover some booties! We'll be there on and off throughout the day!


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