Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My Pleasure!

in what felt like a dream come true for these three goofballs - they recently got a "behind the scenes" tour of a soon to be opening Chick-fil-a!

There were already talks about "getting a job here!" and they even put in a little practice at the drive through window!

These guys were pumped!

They even got to try on the drive-thru headphones and give 'em a whirl!

Why did we get to do this ya may be wondering?

Well check this out...

The awesome operators of this new store reached out to us recently to explain that when Chick-fil-a opens a new store - they like to bless a ministry - and they wanted to partner with Brighton Their World!


So next Wednesday - from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm - the new store will be taking donations of powdered formula and diapers on their grand opening day!

Our crew will be hanging out around dinner time - so come on by and say "HI" if you're nearby!

So humbled by the generous hearts of these guys and we are so looking forward to being part of their grand opening (and let's be honest - this place will probably become an extension of home!)

My pleasure!

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