Saturday, November 19, 2016

National Adoption Day

So - November is "National Adoption Month" and today is apparently "National Adoption Day."

I don't even know if that is true or not - but ya know what...

I don't even care!!

Adoption has made such a deep and profound impact on my whole entire being - I don't need to set aside a day to celebrate it!

We celebrate it every day - openly - with our crew - with others walking through it and with those seeking more info on it.

I sat the goofballs down recently and asked them what they're thoughts on adoption were... see we're super open about it with them and we celebrate it and talk honestly about how hard it is.

So I was anxious to hear their own thoughts on it.

They didn't disappoint...

Check out their thoughts in the video below...

Got questions about adoption? HOLLER AT US!

We love to talk about it, pray about it and walk with folks who may be considering it...

My life was forever changed by it, for sure... and I am torn over it daily.

I hate that it even has to exist - because God's plan didn't call for this...

But it is certainly a beautiful and redeeming solution ot a problem born of a fallen, broken world.

Adoption... it changed the game as we know it.

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