Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Of the People, For the People, By the People...

Let's be frank for a second...

There was no real "WIN" in this thing... no way, no how.

So what do we do now?

We look ahead with hope - to 2048 - the year this guy can run!

He'll have to change some tiny details like that pesky law on birthplace...

But other than that...

He's ready!

He's bringing hope, change, big hair, no time outs, no vegetables and lots of laughter and love.

And he's bringing it FOR YOU!

He's also bringing peace, no naps, required snacks, shortened school days, and no adult swim in neighborhood pools (to name just a few of his stances...)

Oh yeah... he's also bring smiles.

Lots and lots of smiles.

So what are you waiting for... start praying for Amercia's next great leader who is going to...

Make Amercia's Hair BIG Again!

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