Monday, November 28, 2016

Premiere Night

What an incredible honor we had tonight to be part of the "Premiere Night" for the newest Chick Fil A opening up in Colorado Springs (North Gate Chick Fil A)!

We got to hang out in the store before it's even opened up to the public yet...

Go on some super fun "backstage tours" to see how it all works...

and chow down on all kinds of free food courtesy of our friends Trace and Akayla - the operators of the new store!

Then - they even gave us a microphone and let us share a little bit about the story God has been writing through Brighton's short but HUGE life...

These guys are so awesome - they are letting us be part of this amazing time of their lives by collecting formula and diapers for Brighton Their World on their grand opening day this coming Thursday!

And then - they asked us to say the blessing over the store and the meal for the night - and we LOVE to pray for things like this - so we Camp Hoffman tag teamed it up and prayed for their ministry to be wildly successful and bring a ton of glory to Him!


We even made the grand opening wall...

And got to hang out with some incredibly awesome people that have shown so much love and support to our family and Brighton Their World!

Guys... we are so grateful for your love and s humbled to be chosen to be part of such an incredible event and tie in your life!

If you're in Colorado Springs - come on out Thursday and say "hi" while chowing on some chicken!

Or if you're REALLY crazy - go stand in that line Wednesday night to be one of the first 100 and take a shot at free Chick Fil A for a year!

See ya Thursday!

It just takes a little - to change a lot!

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