Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Shut the Front Gate... Mebbie Just Turned Eight!

Holy guacamole.

This girl turned EIGHT YEARS OLD TODAY!

I can't find the right words to express how much joy it has brought me to watch her blossom into who God made her to be over the last 5 years!

Being her daddy is one of my biggest joys and privileges in life!

After a week spent celebrating her life - with movies and dinner parties with friends - today was left to her family to celebrate this beautiful creation of God's!

So tonight - later than usual - we headed to Red Robin for her dinner of choice for her birthday!

I got to sit right beside the birthday girl so that makes me semi-okay with having to miss being in this pic!

After a LONG day of working out with Mommy in a kick-boxing class, swimming for a few hours indoors and then heading out late for dinner - this crew was SPENT!

Mebbie tried to play like she wasn't...

But Z-Dogg didn't even attempt to!

Mebbie Doodle... Mebski Love... Mebbie Debbie... Mebrate...

You are an amazing child of the most amazing God, a princess in His holy kingdom - and don't you ever forget it!

You were built to impact the world - and you have already done that in so many ways - starting right here with your daddy!

Celebrating YOU was truly the best part of my day!

I love you BIG MUCH girl!

Happy Birthday Mebbie!

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