Friday, November 25, 2016

Thankful: LAURA

While we're on the topic of thankfulness...

Holy moly - did I marry as far up as humanly possible or what?

I mean - we're not just talking out of my league - we're talking completely different sports here!

I do not deserve to call this incredible, gorgeous, intelligent, loving, caring and joyful hottie my "wife" but somehow I do...

Grateful every single day, people...


I am so incredibly thankful for this girl in my life.

She prayed relentlessly for me - for me to get to know the Lord - and man it worked.

Her prayers carry power.

She loves me so well.

She cherishes our goofballs.

Her heart is as raw as mine for our son, Brighton.

She knows her purpose in life and chases it with PASSION!

She loves to laugh, smile and have a blast in life.

She's authentic, real, and trusts like nobody I have ever met...

I could go on and on and on and on...

Know this Laura...

Every single day I thank God that He made you and saw it fit to use you to bring me to Him.

In that process - He gave me a very best friend that I cannot even imagine life without.

Laura... I am super duper thankful for you!

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