Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thankful: MERON

So let's keep this thankfulness train going for a second as I talk about Meron...

Our God knows what His children need when they need it.

Meron was a prescription for a heart that was broken and I am not sure I can find words to fully describe the gratitude I have for her.

For God breathing life into her.

For Him placing her in m life and allowing me the privilege of being this amazing girl's daddy.

Words cannot capture the thankfulness that I have for this beautiful creation of His.

I am thankful for this girl's spirit.

Her sense of humor.

Her ability to love and shine in almost all situations.

Her confidence and leadership skills.

Her pride in who she is and where God has her.

Her undying love for her family.

Her heart to chase after her Lord and to tell the world about Him.

I could go on and on and never stop because each new day is filled with more reasons I am thankful for this girl.

Meron Asher - you are a princess in the holy kingdom - a daughter of a heavenly Father - and I am so blessed to be your daddy and to get to walk close to you in life as the Lord shapes you for His purposes.

Don't you ever forget this baby girl... I am super duper thankful for you!

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