Saturday, November 5, 2016

We Playing Basketball!

Basketball season has kicked in - and I am LOVING that these two are on the same team this year!

Mebbie really showed an understanding of the game last year - so we decided to bump her up so she could play together with Meron!

(and okay, okay - maybe it had a LITTLE something to do with not having to drive to THREE different places at THREE different times!)

They are way into it this year already...

Look at Mebbie trying to soak in every word her coach says to her!

They both hustled their faces off on the court today - Meron played THREE entire quarters!

And on the way to the game - Mebbie said to me:

"Daddy - I'm gonna use my super long arms on defense again!"
And she did it!

At the end of the day though - these two had fun - worked hard - and walked away sisters and best friends!

And I love it!

Way to play and show sportsmanship girls - keep it up!

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