Saturday, December 31, 2016

So Long, 2016!

2016... you were a challenging one.

And maybe one day I'll process through ya in words... but tonight?

Tonight we were blessed to hang out with old friends like we used to do on New Years Eve and reflect on the awesomeness of a God who loves us.

And look at those kids up there... NUTS RIGHT?

Our crew has grown quite a bit but they haven't let distance change their friendships!

They're crazy as ever and we love every bit of it!

Guys - thanks for having us and making us feel like we never left!

We're SO BLESSED that God gave us each one of you guys and allows us to stay in each other's lives - regardless of where we sleep at night.

Now... let's go kick 2017's arse...


Friday, December 30, 2016

Dab-tastic Event!

Tonight was the final night of the Lake City Classic - and it was AWESOME!

Not only did we get to see some pretty intense basketball games - but these guys gave us the floor at half time of two games to share a bit about Brighton and his legacy!

It had us all pumped up and we're STILL smiling about it!

Z-Dogg dropped a dab with military sharpness and precision!

Mebbie gave us a little peek-a-dab...

And Meron went with a classic mid-court dab!

Guys... you blessed us big time! Thanks for inviting us into your event ad supporting us wholeheartedly like that!

It just takes a little - to change a LOT!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

12 Days of Neck Hugging

Today - we woke up at a ridiculous hour to fly cross country and kick-off our southeastern Brighton Their World tour a.k.a. "12 Days of Hugging Necks"

We're so looking forward to spending the next 12 days sharing with as many people as we can what God's been up to through Brighton Their World - and hugging the necks of supporters, sponsors and friends whenever we can!

We kicked the whole thing off with a visit to the Lake City Classic basketball tournament - an event that chose to partner up with us to raise formula and awareness!

So thankful for these guys and their willingness to make a difference!

So - consider yourself warned... if you're a "Friend of Brighton" and we see ya...

Protect ya neck - cuz we're coming in for the hug!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

This We Love

Ya know what we love... A LOT?

Getting to meet folks who are sponsors, donors, prayer warriors and supporters of Brighton Their World!

It's like one of our favorite things!

Seriously - you guys have no idea how prayed over you are...

We take every penny, every prayer and every ounce of energy given to Brighton Their World very seriously.

And honestly - this visit - meant more than you could know... and then they even ended it with powerful prayer over us and BTW!

That's why our supporters are the best on the planet!

In a year when we've had some real live challenges with satan using folks to make us second guess all we do... this visit was like a soul massage.

If you're ever near us or we're near you and you've been supporting Brighton Their World - tell us because we wanna hug your necks!

Thanks for the visit guys!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I Am Not Alone

This girl right here man... she seriously has one of the deepest and most faithful spirits I know.

The other night we had some good yet INTENSE conversations about Brighton, Jesus, God and our lives in general.

There were questions, tears, frustrations...

Later on - Mebbie came up and showed me this picture she had drawn after our conversation:

It said:

"I am not alone. I am doing this with God."

I asked her to explain the two pictures and she said:

"This one here is where I am sad just thinking about why Brighton died. And then this one over here is when I remember Brighton is with Jesus - and while I am still crying - I am not sad any more - I am okay because I know God has a plan and is with me."


This girl has taught me more about leaning into Him than any sermon series or book could ever show me!

You honor Him well Mebbie!

Monday, December 26, 2016

More Like This

Sometimes it can seem like God uses random folks to speak to ya - but I don't think they're random at all.

I think they're strategic...

Like Diana up there.

She's one of our absolute favorite baristas from the hands-down best Starbucks we have ever frequented.

She has treated our entire family with so much love over the past 2 years... and I don't know why!

I can only assume it's just who she is. And her relational behavior drove us to rush a simple little Christmas gift over to her on Christmas Eve.

And... the more I think about it... the more I wanna be like her in 2017.

No more leadership books on the "52 and a Half Ways to Be a Better Leader by Noon"

Nope - I'd rather go the Diana route and just be relational and see where that takes us.

I want less behavioral surprises because we spent the time really getting to know who people are.

It's a lofty goal - probably easier said than done - but it's something we wanna shoot for in 2017.

Thanks Diana - for modeling behavior that most of us only talk about...

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Day 2016

This was the first Christmas in a LONG time where we didn't have visitors or weren't traveling somewhere to be visitors.

And while we missed our awesome family scattered all over the place - it was kind of nice to just be chilling here!

The goofballs woke up to a string of colored lights leading them upstairs...

Where Colorado had surprised us with a beautiful white Christmas!

It was so fun to just relax together as a family and watch their joy and excitement "unwrap" on the couch!

There were new pajamas that got lived in ALL day...

There was this cutie in her new winter hat!

We headed out to deliver some cookies we made to people who had to work today...

We hit our local fire station and thanked them for working and protecting us... and then hit Starbucks to share some love with our favorite Baristas on the planet!

And they returned the favor with "whatever drinks you guys all want" on the house!

At dinner time - we talked a lot about Jesus and why He did what He did for us - lots of deep, good questions coming at me and it was great conversation!

As we talked about another little baby who was born - emotions ran kinda high as we all got to love on Zechie as he is processing the difficult hurt of Brighton dying at such a young age.

His beautiful little heart is wrestling with it all and we just tried to encourage him to listen for God in the midst of the hurt.

Not long after that - sleep won!

It's hard work jus hanging out all day and having fun!

It was a beautiful day... and we hope the rest of the world had as great of a Christmas as we did!

Merry Christmas to all... and to all a good night!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas From Our Camp! (a DIY Christmas Card)

Just in time... it's the Annual Camp Hoffman DIY (do-it-yourself) Christmas Card!

It's so easy too... Simply print this page and then just grab you some scissors - DO NOT RUN WITH THEM! - and hang this handy dandy card on your fridge or mantle and continue being jolly and festive!

Merry Christmas Everybody!!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Singing to the Neighbors

Meron's "BFF" from school invited us to come out with her family and their friends to hit the streets of the neighborhood for some good old fashioned Christmas caroling!

So with hot chocolate and song lyrics in hand - we hit the streets to spread some Christmas joy!

Even Z-Dogg... with his shy self... got in on it!

What a fun way to get out and meet some neighbors we didn't know!

Thanks guys for the invite!

"Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer... had a very shiney nose..."

Thursday, December 22, 2016

We Are Loved By God

"Daddy - look at my drawing!"

Mebbie was excited to show me her latest work of art as she glided in to the living room.

And for very good reason too - cuz this thing was awesome!

I loved everything about it!

The lettering.

The drawing.

The specific approach to creating two different skin complexions...

Mebbie don't be playing when it comes to her art!

Mebbie - I love your heart and the talents God has placed in you to CREATE... and your content and subject matter is always amazing!

Don't ever stop making creating stuff Mebbie - cuz Makers gonna Make!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Cuteness Overload

I dunno who is cuter right here... Z-Dogg or Autumn Dogg!

They both turned their "photogenic filter" up a notch for this pic!

He may not always be the best pet owner (see also: poo pick up!)...

But he loves his puppies!

Stay cute guys... STAY CUTE!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Love Like a Golden

This girl right here LOVES her baby girl Cider!

And when I say "LOVE" - I mean like bestest of friends!

And ya know what...?

I'm pretty sure her girl Cider loves her too!

So thankful for the dogs in the goofball's lives!

Always love like a Golden Meron - ALWAYS!

Monday, December 19, 2016

She Loves Them Well

Tonight - our time visiting with Granny is winding down - and we'll take her back to the airport bright and early tomorrow morning.

And while we're super sad to see her go - we're equally as grateful for the AWESOME time we got to spend with her.

Because this Granny here... she loves our goofballs WELL!

Who else would dress up as "Sandra Clause" and come complete with a fully detailed story of her 2,000 year old life and tie it in to the Bible and Luke's Christmas history so well?

Nobody but our Granny!

Because she loves with intention!

And our girls - holy moly do they love their Granny!

They adore her!

They skip other events and get togethers to spend time with her.

They know how much she loves them - they feel it!

I love watching them be treated this way by their amazing Granny!

And Z-Dogg... this little dude is just smitten with Granny!

Matter of fact - he called me Granny like 4x the other day - until I finally said "Dude - do I look like Granny?"

He answered me matter-of-factly stating:

"No daddy - you don't look like Granny! You have a long beard and she doesn't!"
True statement.

We're gonna miss you Granny - but we'll see you soon!

Thanks Granny - for the way you love my crew!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Baking Is A Sport!

Baking is a sport in our house - especially when Granny is involved!

I mean - things can get downright competitive!

And these guys don't shy away from it all!


They made a crazy amount of cookies this year - and I've already consumed an equally crazy amount!

They make a pretty solid baking team!

Thanks Granny - for coaching them through their annual bake fest!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Happy Habeshas

"I'm ALWAYS happy!" Meron told Laura just the other day.

And truthfully - I kind of believe her!

Oh - she gets her funky moments now and then - but they tend to last like 30 seconds before that smile is right back on her face!

This picture here truly represents the happiness we see radiating from this trio of goofballs the majority of the time!

And their happiness keeps me smiling... DAILY!

Stay happy goofballs!

Friday, December 16, 2016

She's Published!

A few months ago Meron was invited to be part of her school's newspaper team... and she was pumped!

Well - tonight I came home to find the first issue of their paper laying on my desk!

And Meron had not just one - but two articles in it!

She had an article she co-wrote with some others about the Fall Festival "Pie in your face" contest...

And she had a solo article about the dress code at the school!

As both a guy who loves to write and as a daddy raising his girls...

I am so proud of her for the enthusiasm and effort she put into this!

Write on, girl! Write on...

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Granny and the Elf

I know an elf who LOVES his Granny a LOT!

And I know a Granny who LOVES her elf equally as much!

looking good guys!