Saturday, December 3, 2016

A shoot will jump from the stump of Jesse...

The Jesse Tree... it's one of our very favorite traditions at Christmas time!

Years ago our good friends gave us handmade ornaments that get hung every day as we red scripture that walks us through the story of Jesus from beginning to the Christmas story.

And then a few years ago - I rhymed out each day in hopes that the scriptures would stick with the goofballs!

I dunno how well that is going - but we sure love reading the rhymes, discussing the bible and hanging the ornaments on their own "Jesse Tree" as visual reminders of what we're celebrating!

I may be partial - but I think the rhymes are pretty fun!

The goofballs love to look at the graphics and this year they're even reading some of them to us all...

I LOVE trying to weave scripture into the hearts of our crew... it's my absolute favorite job in life.

I shared out the rhymes in digital format this year - but next year - we're thinking about printing and binding them to sell as a Brighton Their World fundraiser!

Would anybody actually buy those?

"And there - in that town - through a young baby's birth,
God's plan unfolded for how He'd save the whole Earth."

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