Friday, December 2, 2016

Family Dabs and Rolling Five Deep

I love this picture SO MUCH.

Not because we're just being goofy and dabbing together - I mean there IS that... but what I love is that it represents us to the fullest.


And I never, ever, ever, EVER want that to change.

We talked about that a bit tonight after we all circled up BIG TIME to help Meron face down a real live fear of hers.

This sweet girl right here has a REAL LIVE PHOBIA of needles.

It's intense, its unfounded, it's irrational... but it's a REAL fear.

And today - she had to have a blood draw for some tests - her first blood draw since she was about 8 months old.

And she was terrified.

So here's what we did.

I left work early and pulled into the parking lot of the lab to find Meron peering out the front door - waiting for me.

She grabbed my hand TIGHT when I got there and walked me in - I could tell she was trying hard not to be nervous.

When she got in that chair and the nurse brought out the rubber band tourniquet - it all broke loose.

Big tears. Trembling. Hyperventilating.


"Why? Why? Don't let her do it... don't let her do it..."
And that's when Family Force 5 kicked in.

We circled up tight... Z-Dogg in the middle and he said: "It's okay Meron - just a tiny pinch..."

Mebbie was praying, mommy and I were holding her...

I grabbed her cheeks and forced her to look straight at me - we started talking about what movie we'd watch for movie night and then...


The needle was in and the blood was flowing.

She calmed down.

She started breathing.

She actually WATCHED the blood tubes fill up.

And she SMILED.

Afterwards we hit Starbucks for some much deserved treats.

As we were chatting about it - both Mebbie and Zechie said "I almost started crying!"

I told them me too - and explained empathy to them. That feeling what their sister was feeling and not being cynical or snarky but rather being loving and feeling her feelings with her was a real sign of Jesus in their hearts.

This... this is what I want for my family above all else.

Circling up the wagons when our crew needs us and never leaving a team member alone or behind.

Meron... I know you felt loved, supported and protected today.

And that's EXACTLY how we want things to always feel!

We've got your back forever!

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