Monday, December 26, 2016

More Like This

Sometimes it can seem like God uses random folks to speak to ya - but I don't think they're random at all.

I think they're strategic...

Like Diana up there.

She's one of our absolute favorite baristas from the hands-down best Starbucks we have ever frequented.

She has treated our entire family with so much love over the past 2 years... and I don't know why!

I can only assume it's just who she is. And her relational behavior drove us to rush a simple little Christmas gift over to her on Christmas Eve.

And... the more I think about it... the more I wanna be like her in 2017.

No more leadership books on the "52 and a Half Ways to Be a Better Leader by Noon"

Nope - I'd rather go the Diana route and just be relational and see where that takes us.

I want less behavioral surprises because we spent the time really getting to know who people are.

It's a lofty goal - probably easier said than done - but it's something we wanna shoot for in 2017.

Thanks Diana - for modeling behavior that most of us only talk about...

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