Monday, December 19, 2016

She Loves Them Well

Tonight - our time visiting with Granny is winding down - and we'll take her back to the airport bright and early tomorrow morning.

And while we're super sad to see her go - we're equally as grateful for the AWESOME time we got to spend with her.

Because this Granny here... she loves our goofballs WELL!

Who else would dress up as "Sandra Clause" and come complete with a fully detailed story of her 2,000 year old life and tie it in to the Bible and Luke's Christmas history so well?

Nobody but our Granny!

Because she loves with intention!

And our girls - holy moly do they love their Granny!

They adore her!

They skip other events and get togethers to spend time with her.

They know how much she loves them - they feel it!

I love watching them be treated this way by their amazing Granny!

And Z-Dogg... this little dude is just smitten with Granny!

Matter of fact - he called me Granny like 4x the other day - until I finally said "Dude - do I look like Granny?"

He answered me matter-of-factly stating:

"No daddy - you don't look like Granny! You have a long beard and she doesn't!"
True statement.

We're gonna miss you Granny - but we'll see you soon!

Thanks Granny - for the way you love my crew!

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