Tuesday, October 17, 2017

She TRIED to Make Me Cry!

The goofballs had their "student led" parent-teacher conferences this week.

It was pretty cool - they got to be in charge and lead us through a presentation of their strengths and also their opportunities for growth.

Today was Meron's and she was killing it - taking questions, answering them, just flowing with it so well.

I was stupid proud of her!

Then - when all questions were done - she says:

"I have one more thing..."

And she pulls out this letter with a picture she had gone to our blog and gotten all by herself... it was the very first picture of her, me and Laura all together.

She went on to read the letter out loud to us. It said:

"Dear Mom and Dad ~

Thank you for everything that you do for me with school and at home - like helping me with my math that I struggled with in quarter one.

I really appreciate that so much. I love you so much Mommy and Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Meron
Bite lip... hard.

Sniffle... blame it on allergies...


You almost had me weeping right there in front of your teacher...

Girl... I am so proud of how hard you have worked this first quarter... ESPECIALLY with things like math that tried to knock ya down but you just stood up and tackled it!

Great presentation, great work and great letter Meron...

We love you girl!!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Rock of Kindness

We all know how much I love the "paint the rock and hide it trend" - so I was super pumped when we were walking into Target yesterday and Z-Dogg exclaimed:

"A rock!"
and proceeded to hold up a painted rock that was bigger than his head!

And it was a dope looking creative rock too - with an excellent message!

All it said was:


And Zechie LOVES it!

I asked him tonight: "Where ya gonna hide it, Z-Dogg?"

And he smiled and said: "I just wanna keep it daddy... it's so nice!

And so it stays!

Welcome to the family, Rock of Kindness!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Bump, Set, Spike!

Meron wrapped up her volleyball season Friday night...

And she HATED to see it end!

She has really found a love for this sport and I love watching her at it!

She's a fierce little server too!

Drilling that thing every time!

She's learned a lot this season... things like the referees (and their bad/missed calls) are part of the game!

No challenging here, Meron!

She loved her team and had a really good coach who made it fun while they learned the sport too!

Way to give it your all this season Meron - and have fun doing it!

Mommy and daddy are super proud of ya!

Great season, Meron - can't wait til the next one!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Running, Sisters and Smiles

Somebody had her very first cross country invitational this morning... and she was PUMPED!

We rolled out of bed at dark thirty - packed up and headed out about an hour to the race.

The weather cooperated and was AWESOME!

No wind, no snow, no freezing temps... just sunshine and a beautiful course to run on!

One of the things I always insist on out there is that we're smiling!

If we're not happy and enjoying it - why would we be doing it?

Mebbie flashed me her signature smile every time she passed me and I even overheard a parent point at her and say to her friend:

"Look at that girl - smiling while she's running!"
That's a win for us - she's taking that bright light of hers all over the place!

There will be plenty of time to worry about pacing, techniques, strategy and times... but for now... we smile and we run for the fun of it!

One of Mebbie's biggest cheerleaders even rolled out with us before dawn and ran all over the course like a mad woman cheering her little sister on at every spot she could!

I couldn't be any more proud of either of these two today!

Way to show the world what awesome looks like, girls!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday the 13th

Meron has been on an intense "Friday the 13th" kick since she heard somebody talking about it at school.

The funny thing is - she has NO IDEA - what it even is or what it means... in her head it's just a really scary day - or as Mebbie put it... "A day where people where scary hockey masks..."

I don't even know where they pick this stuff up!?!

Well - tonight - she was dead set on "scaring daddy."

She put in a bunch of time "zombie-fying" her face and then tried to creep up on me to give me the scare!

I actually switched it on her and gave her a good scare - but what scared me even more was finding out she used markers and pens to do her make up!

What, what, what?!?!

We got it all off before she crashed in bed... and she got a serious laugh out of it all!

Never a dull moment, folks.

You're a super cute zombie, Meron!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

She Scored Us a Pancake Breakfast!

The whole crew will be getting up early tomorrow and heading to school for a pancake breakfast to celebrate this girl... again!

Why is that ya ask?

Mebski Love got "STUDENT OF THE MONTH" this month!!

And we are SO PROUD of her!

This girl deserves it so much too.

When we introduced her to her new teacher this year - we told her teacher "You're gonna experience a little girl like ya never have before!"

Check out the SUPER KIND words her teach wrote about her:

"Mebbie is one of the most compassionate, kind and responsible students I have ever had. She starts every day with a smile and positive attitude and encourages others to do the same.

Mebbie displays fantastic self management throughout the day, especially during our Daily 5 time. She cares for our class and school community by helping others stay on task.

Mebbie values her education and the education of others!"
It's one thing for us to brag on our girl... but when others get to see her beauty, her shine, her compassionate and loving soul... when others get to see her "shining bright for Jesus!" - well that just about brings us to tears!

Mebbie... keep being you sweet girl! You are a bright, bright light in an often dark world!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

They Did It!

Well - they did it tonight... the Yanks managed to come back and send the Tribe home to win the ALDS!

Pretty stinking awesome!

Somebody was super stoked about it!

He's pretty pumped - and claiming some victory - but we know we still got a road ahead of us before we can really get excited!

Houston... we're ready to land! Let's do this!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Run Mebbie... RUN!

Super proud of the effort this little runner has put in at her first two Junior Olympic Cross Country practices!

This thing ain't no joke either - and they don't play around - first big invitational meet is this weekend!

I am excited for the experience, friends and exposure to intense competitions and big races she will get!

And as long as we're out there smiling - we're winning!

The whole fam has your back Mebbie... run girl!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Won't You Be My Neighbor...?!

We've had two new neighbors move in recently... and while we lost a few good folks from the street - we are always excited about getting to meet new people!

So what does Meron decide to do all on her own?

Bake them cookies to deliver to them as a welcome!

I love this girls big 'ole heart!

She did all the baking, prepping 'em on the plates and led an entourage to the door of our new neighbors!

She even did all the talking when they came to the door!

Girl... daddy is super proud of you for your desire to do this and the way you followed through!

Like a good neighbor... Meron is there!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Take Me To Another Place...

DISCLAIMER: Yes - i shared this on social media but wanted to archive it here where we pretty much archive everything we do as a family!

We picked Laura up from the airport on Saturday - fresh in from Ethiopia - and headed straight to a club in downtown Denver!

We had some friends in town that we wanted to hug!

Way back in my "gangsta hip hop" days - along comes this group called Arrested Development - bringing thought-provoking lyrics, dope beats... and to this day I can't hear the word "Tennessee" without singing it in my head the way they do in their smash single.

I've had the privilege of knowing Speech for a while now. Love this dude and his heart and his passion for justice (and music!). But look man - I am STILL a fanboy when I see him and his crew. When I walk past a drum machine with "Tennessee" queued up on the display I get giddy. When my kids get to hang with them and pose on stage with them - I'm still kinda in awe. Yep... total fanboy.

These guys - all of 'em - they're amazing people.

Speech is a member of the Brighton Their World Advisory Board and we hope to make a visit to Brighton Academy together soon with him and his wonderful wife Yolanda... their hearts, minds and souls are exactly what we desire to be walking alongside us!

Tasha is passionate about justice, race relations being bettered... and my kids! She even texted us to check in on the goofballs at their soccer games early Saturday morning! She runs Racism Sucks! (something we're passionate about) - go check out her cause and grab some gear to start a conversation!

JJ Boogie has a Beard Game that is kinda untouchable! I loved chatting with him and hearing his heart and passion for AD... and getting some history on his BOSSMAN beard!

Fareedah has hair that both my girls were gaga over! WAY back in the day - when Meron and Mebbie were a whole lot shorter - they were in an Arrested Development video with her - so it was cool to see 'em all back together!

The whole crew is made up of loving people with hearts as big as their smiles.

AD - it was a TOTAL privilege and gift really to hang with you guys for a bit before your show!

Thankful God allowed our paths to cross like this.

"Take me to another place, take me to another land,
Make me forget all that hurts me, let me understand your plan..."

Saturday, October 7, 2017

And All Is Well Again!

She's tired... she's beat... she's 9 hours off her timezone...


And that sound you heard was a collective sigh of relief from the Universe... okay okay - maybe just from ME... but relief nonetheless!

Stories of her trip to come - but for now - she rests up!

Welcome home Mommy!!

Friday, October 6, 2017

We Need Our Glue!

We've muscled it out just about as far as we could...

We've done a cross country meet, soccer games, church, a birthday party, work, volleyball games, school, practices, Awana, meals, laundry, dishes, bedtimes, homework...

But I think we've reached that point of exhaustion that was inevitable...

I mean - for the love of Pete - Meron is wearing a pull up as hat!

Mebbie has 52 bows in her hair, a sock on her hand and is answering a banana like a phone.

We need help!

We NEED our glue!

Laura gets home tomorrow - and it's JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME!

Cuz we're TIRED!

We've missed you Mommy!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Thank You, Daddy!

"Thank you, Daddy!" Meron said.

I asked her "for what?" and she said:

"For taking care of us this week and hanging out with us..."

And then she slapped a Meronator-hug on me... which kinda slams her whole body into yours and honestly - it takes a lot to stay standing!

Oh girl... if you only knew!

Absolutely no thanks is needed sweet girl - weeks like this are what memories are made of and I will forever cherish these moments.

I'm thankful for a wife and mommy willing to sacrifice to GO when He calls her.

I'm thankful for kids who fully understand it and keep her covered in prayer.

I'm thankful for an employer who puts their money where their mouth is and affords me the flexibility to manage things while I'm flying solo.

And I'm thankful to a God who calls us to scary, big, crazy, amazing, life-giving purposes.

Oh yeah - and I'm thankful for the humor, spirit and love these goofballs put on display daily!

Most excellent week ya goofballs - mommy is home soon!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Freaks Come Out at Night!

The fog had rolled in THICK by the time we got home from Awana tonight...

And something about thick fog brought out the weirdo in these crazies!

Actually - I take that back... this trio is ALWAYS crazy!

The fog just made it that much better!

Stay nutty you weirdos!

Freaks come out at night!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Let's Go Yankees!

"Daddy - can I stay up to watch the Yankees?"

That's what she said going in to the 7th inning. And in her defense - that inning was kinda long!

I said something to her about one of the pitches and got no response... she was DONE!

She didn't make it to the end so she'll be excited to know the outcome in the morning!

Post-season baseball for the win!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Another Season Down

Tonight was the final race for the goofballs and their LandSharks Cross Country season.

And this dad right here... he couldn't be any more proud of how hard these guys worked this year!

They put in work at practices, never complained, and fell a bit more in love with running (I think)...

Big thanks to all the coaches who sacrificed their time to work with our gang - not just as up and coming runners - but as little humans growing up.

Means the world to us how much you guys cared!

Never stop running, Goofballs. Never stop running!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

My Right and Left Hands

Man... when Laura is gone these two right here kick in to SUPER AWESOME mode!

They are so helpful, so caring, so willing to help me makes thing run smoothly!

Honestly - not sure we could pull this thing off without these two!

Daddy loves you girls! Stay Awesome!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

A Village Person

Mebbie walked around the house all night last night looking just like this.

Acting totally normal, nothing out of the ordinary...

While straight up looking like an escapee from the Village People!

Our camp can be nutty sometimes!

I mean come on... tell me she doesn't fit right in?

When I asked her for a picture - she flexed and smiled at her muscles!

Straight up nutty around here!

I love how comfy she is with her crazy!

Stay nutty Mebbie... it will protect your sanity!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Godspeed, Mommy!

It's always a bittersweet moment when we drop Laura off to go visit the other half of her heart that beats some 8,000+ miles away...

We're fiercely proud of her and her passion and dedication to honoring Brighton and God in all she does...

But darn it - we miss her already!

I mean... come on... the goofballs are stuck with ME for 8 days...

Lord knows that enough to have anybody mourning their missing mommy!

Guys - we'll have a blast this week!

We may not be as buttoned up and efficient as mommy is - but we'll survive!

Have an amazing time Laura - hug some necks for us!