Thursday, January 12, 2017

Taking Back Our Night

Tonight - we started our "Take Back Our Night" campaign with these goofballs.

Let me explain...

The last 2 nights we have had some pretty rough nightmares.

I'm not talking the standard "monster in the closet or under the bed" kinda thing either.

Two nights ago - Mebbie had a dream that she "looked at daddy's phone and it was pictures of a different family and they were killing Ethiopians..."

And then last night - Meron came dashing up the steps - in a real panic - terrified because "the bad guys were trying to kill her because she looked like Martin Luther King, Jr..."

See? Some real scary stuff going on in the heads of my girls...

But tonight - we are taking steps towards getting back our nighttime.

Satan would just LOVE to see us derailed by fear...

So - I asked the girls to give me their very best "Gimmee that!" look as we worked on snatching our nighttime back!

After we got that steely stare locked down - we talked about the power in the name of JESUS and how we can go straight to Him any time we have a fear (including bad dreams).

They loved this and we're in awe of the idea that His name alone could drive out the darkness...

It was awesome to hear them testing it out as they threw His name out there...

"Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!"

Even mommy got in on the look...

We let them both crash in Granny's room tonight - to get used to bearing arms (His name!) in their sleep!

And that's that!

It may take a few attempts at it - but we're determined to take back the peacefulness and joy of our nights and learn about the power of our Savior's name alone in the process!

Back off bad dreams - the nighttime is ours!

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