Sunday, February 26, 2017

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit...

This could quite possibly be the best blog I ever write. If not the best... the most important.

Today we found ourselves at the church several hours before service to do a run through - because today was the big day...

The girls were getting baptized!

After a successful practice run - we all knew what to do and when to do it...

And soon enough we found ourselves backstage getting changed!

Once the music stopped - and Meron's short video was over - it was just me, Meron and God in a big tub of water while mommy, Z-Dogg, Mebbie and Granny stood by for support!

Meron has never been one to cry - she's not emotionless - just not a real big tear person...

So when I looked her in the eyes... and saw two tears balancing on the edge of her lower eyelids...

I was DONE!

I hope I conveyed to her my heart and how proud her entire family is of her walk and her decision.

I told her:

Almost 9 years ago... in a little orphanage in Ethiopia - they handed you to me and mommy and said... "Here's Meron!"

And today girl... with this decision... you are looking to God and saying "Here's Meron!"
She was beaming from ear to ear!

And with Mommy and crew looking on I told her just how proud of her we were and how much support she will have in this decision...

Then it was time for one quick question: Do you proclaim Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

With a resounding YES... it was time for the dunk!

Confetti cannons and applause met her as she came up out of the water... and my heart was barely containable.

And then Meron climbed out and in climbed her sister!

Oh man... I wasn't sure if my daddy heart could manage to get through two of these!

Precious Mebbie had been asking about this for a WHILE.

Late last year all she had starting saying she wanted for Christmas was "to get baptized."

And it took a while to coordinate - but here we were!

Look at the unbelievable amount of joy on her face!

She had been waiting for this moment!

So with her posse looking on - I muscled through it...

Mebbie - the first picture I ever got of you - you weren't smiling at all. And that worried me so much.

But then you came home girl... and you haven't stopped smiling since!

You light up every room you walk into and you have had such a huge influence in this family...
Then it was time for the question - and she barely let me get it out before YES came roaring out... it was a formality - because you only have to spend 5 minutes around Mebbie to know who she is serving!

With that profession of faith - it was my honor to baptize this daughter of a Heavenly King in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!

More confetti cannons, applause and a daddy hug that almost popped her head off is what she came out of the water to!

This was easily one of the most joyous days Laura and I have ever had... and it didn't come easy. This celebration was YEARS in the making.

Tons of prayer, tons of discussions, tons of questions, tons of family iron sharpening family iron...

And big huge thanks to every one of you guys who have spent time pouring into our girls. you guys have helped make them who they are and we don't have the words to say how we appreciate that!

And an extra special shout out to our good friend Sally for taking all of these amazing pictures for us. You allowed me to put down the camera and really be in the moment with these girls... thank you SO MUCH!


Check out the videos below... and ignore my weeping self... I couldn't help it!

This final picture here pretty much sums up the day to me...

So proud of these girls and I just wanna bear hug 'em both for about a year and never let 'em go!

Girls - life won't always be easy - matter of fact - the Bible tells us to prepare for quite the opposite when we choose to follow Him.

But you have a whole army of followers who have your back and a Commander in Chief who conquered death on your side!

Mommy and Daddy love you more than you'll ever know and we are SO PROUD of who you have become!



Anonymous said...

Praise God for these beautiful girls. I cried so much watching this video. You and Laura are wonderful parents. May God continue to bless your family!!


Tymm said...

Thank you so much for those kind and encouraging words Natalie!