Thursday, February 9, 2017

Waxing Poetic

Tonight was the night Meron had been prepping for and waiting for now for a good bit...

Wax Museum night at her school!

She had been assigned Phillis Wheatley and over the last few weeks we have learned so much about this first African American women to become a published poet!

She had a super hard beginning to life but she conquered it and went on to do great things.

It was so cool watching Meron dive into it day after day and practice her speaking points.

Her (and all her classmates and friends) did an AMAZING job tonight!

But ya know what Meron was most pumped up about?

The high heels her mommy bought her to wear as part of her Phillis Wheatley outfit!

You did an amazing job Meron!

Always be bold and courageous like Phillis!

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Leona said...

Way to go Meron! I loved the Wax Museum nights with my kids. Faith was assigned Nancy Reagan. And just like Meron she was excited about the heels! ( and the business like suit, she loves business wear). This is a great way for kids to learn history!