Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Boy and His (Gifted) Toys...

Look at that massive line up of toys!

And ya see that smiling little man in the background?

Well - he's rocking a big, fat grin cuz some super generous friends saw it fit to gift him with all those little super heroes AND that Millennium Falcon!

I mean... holy generous Batman!

These guys are awesome!

And this guy right here is pretty STOKED!

He spent a good chunk of the night telling me how and when and where he was going to be playing with his new heroes!

And who WOULDN'T be pumped about this?!?

That's a solid stash of fun right there!

Little man even gave me one to take to work to "have fun on your desk, daddy!"

Yep - he is one happy little man tonight!

And one goofy one too!

To our super generous friends who did this... THANK YOU SO MUCH!

You absolutely made a little super hero's day!

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