Monday, March 13, 2017

Keepers of my Heart

These two girls right here - complete with their sleepy "late basketball post-season party" eyes...


They own my heart!

Tonight - like she does every single night - Meron said:

"Can I get 5 minutes, daddy?"
What she means by that is can I come downstairs to their room and lay with her on her bed as she dozes off.

And far too often I have competing priorities in my head that compete with that nightly request.

She never gives up on me though... she ALWAYS asks.

And tonight I just knew it was exactly where He wanted me to go.

As we cozied up in her room - Mebbie said: "Daddy - I love when you come down here with us..."

And I swear to you I felt my heart smile.

I do not deserve the joy that comes from being the daddy to these two girls.

trust me when I say... I KNOW this.

But holy moly - am I thankful for the opportunity and privilege!

Girls - you bring me more joy than you'll probably ever know.

Daddy loves you!

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